Dear Models,

Crizaze is a reputed well-known Modeling and advertising company with its global presence. We follow international standards in Modeling industry and never compromise in our quality of services.

This terms and conditions have come into existence based on few bad past experience with our Models / clients. This agreement has been carefully drafted to ensure 100% commitment from the Model signing up with Crizaze. This is essential in order to maintain our quality of service.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Model agrees to be on time at the shoot or event venue. Suppose, if the shoot / event starts at 10:00 am, then the Model agrees to be present at the venue at least 30 minutes before on the first day of the shoot / event. From 2nd day onwards, Model agrees to reach 15 minutes before the schedule.
  2. Model agrees to inform us immediately or before the shoot schedule if he / she is late because of traffic or any problem due to which they are not able to reach on time at the venue. Model agrees not to give excuses such as but not limited to the following, ‘no balance’, ‘no signal’ or ‘no charge’. If this is the case, then Model agrees to call from nearby public telephone.
  3. Model agrees to attend all the phone calls after the confirmation and selection of the Model for the shoot / event. Model agrees not to give any excuses such as but not limited to, ‘my phone was in my bag’, ‘my mobile was in silent mode’, ‘my phone was not with me’, ‘my phone was on charging mode’, ‘I was sleeping’. Usually, Agency representative makes three reminder calls to the Model,
  • 1st reminder call – a day prior to the shoot / event.
  • 2nd reminder call – in the morning or minimum 3 to 6 hours before the schedule.
  • 3rd reminder call – 15 minutes before the shoot / event.
  1. Model agrees to inform the Agency about any prior commitment on the day of the shoot. Also, Model agrees to ensure that prior commitment will not affect the shoot / event.
  2. Model agrees to inform us well in advance or at least a day notice if they are not able to attend the scheduled shoot after confirmation. In the absence of informing us, Model agrees to pay the losses incurred.
  3. Model agrees not to involve in any illegal activities defined by law. If found, Agency has rights to inform concerned authorities to take legal actions against them.
  4. Model agrees not to accept any offers provided by the client such as going outside or somewhere else. If Model accepts and anything goes wrong, Agency shall not be held responsible.
  5. Model agrees not to give their home address or phone number but use only Agency’s address and phone number except for the personal purposes that not related to this Agreement.
  6. Model agrees to keep all the information about the clients including the client’s name and remuneration details confidential.
  7. Model agrees to keep Agency informed by phone when the job is finished. Failing which the payment will be kept on hold or not paid.
  8. Model agrees not to lie with the Agency / Client in any situation. Phone calls with Agency might be recorded to avoid any kind of confusion.
  9. Model agrees to treat the items that he/she is Modelling with the utmost respect. Model will be responsible for such outfit from the time he/she check out the items to the time He / She check them back in. If the Model notice anything wrong with the clothing at any time (stain, rip, loose button, etc.), He / She will alert one of the helpers immediately.
  10. Model agrees to behave polite and well-mannered. If clients or any other person misbehaves, Model agrees to inform Agency
  11. Agency does not force Model to work for us or for any of our clients but once work is started Model agrees to complete the work and not leave in the mid-way. Failing which the payment will be kept on hold or not paid. Also, Model agrees to compensate for any losses incurred.
  12. Model agrees not to accept any gifts or tip from the client. If the client insists, he / she agrees to inform Agency After getting clearance from Agency, he / she can accept gifts.
  13. Model agrees not be spend too much time on phone during the shoot / event. Model agrees to attend most important calls and calls from Agency.
  14. Model agrees not be bring friends or family members for the shoot.
  15. Model agrees not to discuss any issues related to shoot / event with the client. He / She must speak to the Agency contact directly. Especially, payment related issues must not be discussed with the client. Model agrees that he / she is aware that he / she is being hired by the Agency, therefore, discuss any issues with Agency. Failing which the payment will be kept on hold or will be paid after one year without any interest.
  16. Model agrees not to deal with the client directly once he / she have worked or attended briefing or given telephonic interview for any client through Agency. Also, Model agrees not to work for the same client directly or through any other company / Agency / coordinator for the next one year. If the client approaches directly, Model agrees to inform Agency
  17. The term of this agreement shall be made for a period of one year, commencing this date. Model may terminate this agreement with thirty (30) days written notice, delivered by registered mail to the address listed on the face of this document. If termination notice is received after a booking or placement has been arranged, Model agrees to honor that booking / placement or else reimburse Agency for any and all costs incurred or revenue forfeited (including such revenue which may be owing to a client due to incurred expenses as a result of Model‘s cancellation).
  18. In case any differences or disputes shall arise between the parties hereto in relation to these presents or the rights or obligations of the parties the same shall be referred to an ARBITRATOR for decision and award which shall be binding and conclusive upon the parties. The provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and any modification thereof shall be applicable. All such Disputes shall be within the Jurisdiction Madras High Court.