Modelling….. An art. An entertainment.. Exciting? Yes. It is !!! But is it that simple to just give a pose? I mean everybody poses in front of the camera. We all have taken numerous selfies 😉 and have fun giving a V or …”check me out” pose at every cool place we are at.. Be it for the latest whatsapp icon or the facebook display picture. So, how does that differ from modelling as a profession.


Modelling might be so much cool and glamorous to the eyes!! But it takes a lot if hardwork too. Believe me! A model has to hold the pose infront of professional camera till the shot gets perfect.. Don’t forget the lights and continuous flashes under which they have to work and the shoot lasts for half a day, minimum. Models have to be time perfect because there’s a 1 hour make up session before the shoot and regular touch ups thereafter.

Laziness?? Not an option for the models.. Even though the whole crew gets tired; models have to keep up their energy level for the next shot. Yup!! There’s a crew working constantly in the shadows as you pose for the shots..

Shyness! Again not an option.. U have to pose confidently and glam shoots require bold poses as well.. Don’t worry.. Models don’t actually roam in public in the clothes they shoot.. They too dress normally and are normal human beings.. Thanx to the makeup person, the lights person and photographer. Especially editor whose editing work makes us look like angels.. They really work to bring out the beauty before our eyes…

Sope ! Ladies and gents.. Next time you see a model, respect their profession and hardwork. If u aspire to become one with all your enthusiam mail in ur profiles at