Santhosh Rajendran – Featured in Infosys Intranet Sparsh

//Santhosh Rajendran – Featured in Infosys Intranet Sparsh

Santhosh Rajendran – Featured in Infosys Intranet Sparsh

Santhosh Rajendran, a Senior Systems Engineer with Finacle, is a professional model, who represented India and was a finalist at the recent ‘Asian Trend, 2014’ held in Chengdu, China…
Tell us about your modeling career. When did you first decide to take the plunge?
Modeling was a dream for me when I was in school and college. The industry was already filled with drop-dead handsome guys, and I wanted to be one among them, to be in the limelight. However, I was not that well groomed in those days. So it just remained a dream.

In college, I was quite skinny, with average looks, and when my friends asked me what I was going to pursue after college, I said modeling! They looked at me with wonder and excitement. That is when I began seriously pursuing my dream. I was groomed by ex-Infoscions Pran Udyana and Hitesh Chowdhary from Mysore DC, who gave me the opportunity to walk for the Pon Onam show in 2011 (in Mysore). This provided me the ideal platform to participate in other professional shows for designers. Later, I also participated in a grooming workshop conducted by Prasad Bidapa Associates (Bangalore) and choreographer Kevin Oliver from Dubai, which helped me work on my poses for pictures, and later, to participate in a model hunt, where I won the Mr. Photogenic award.

Among the various shows you have participated in, which one was your favorite?
Beginning with the first show I did for Brand Celio two years ago, until the recent Asian Trend, 2014 held in Chengdu, China, where I represented our country as one of the finalists nominated under the ‘Best Male Model – Asia, 2014’ category, every show has been a good learning experience. Working with other models, choreographers and designers has taught me a lot.

For some of the major shows I have participated in, I have worked with designers such as Sidney Sladen, Chaithanya Rao and senior choreographer Sunil Menon, and have walked the ramp at the Leather Fashion Week, the Madras Couture Fashion Week, and the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) annual portfolio show, and have done a photo shoot for Nissan Datsun Go. I still have a long way to go, and have no particular favorites at this stage. I see each show as my first. I could answer this question only when I am done with modeling, for I believe my best is yet to come.

How do you manage to juggle both your work and modeling?
In the early days, handling both modeling and the IT life was tough. But if we need to achieve something, we have to get through such struggles. Moreover, most of my shows have taken place on weekends. The initial days were difficult, but once people began to appreciate my work, my confidence grew, and my work got easier. From choreographer Sunil Menon, who guides me in my modelling, to the Crizaze model management agency, which helped submit my profile to the committee in China, several people have been instrumental in my success so far, and I am grateful to them.

What are your other hobbies, and how does Infosys support you in pursuing them?
I love to travel and explore places. I work out regularly at the gym, grooming my physique. I do not try to maintain a very muscular physique throughout the year, unless it is essential for a shoot. I prefer to follow a normal workout routine, in order to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which is even more essential for one to look good.

As I said earlier, my confidence increased once I began doing shows within Infosys. So, it is Infosys which laid the foundation for my professional modeling carrier.

What do you think will happen if we ever contact intelligent life on Mars?
I will check if there is any package available for my future honeymoon.

What long-lost childhood possession of yours would you like to find again?
I would love to get back all those mid-term, quarterly and annual school holidays, and also play street cricket, which I miss the most.

Apart from modeling, how often do you look at yourself in the mirror in a day?
I don’t really have the habit of looking at myself frequently in the mirror. Like everybody else, I use the mirror mainly to get dressed and style my hair, perhaps a couple more times in a day than the average person. Even during shoots, when the stylist is around to give us our best look, why do we need to look frequently into the mirror? I don’t doubt my looks. So, just once before a shoot, I look at myself in a mirror, to give my confidence a boost.

What do your friends like best about you?
The way I entertain them. My friends play a huge role in my life. Once, when I acted in a romantic short film, they laughed out loud, and enjoyed pulling my leg. Of course, they viewed it differently than others, as they know me best. Whenever I get the chance to act in a romantic movie, they get even more excited than I do, as they know it would be guaranteed entertainment.

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